NetPoint on
oil rigs

NP2 y Mimosa B5C

NP2 + B5C Oil Rig in Veracruz, Mexico

Near the coast of Veracruz are the largest oil zones in Mexico. In one of the oil rigs located at a distance of 68.38 km, the main backhaul needs to build a backhaul due to the large amount of information that they manage as well as the need for communication towards the coast.

Results 34 dBi NP2 with Mimosa B5C Radio 68.38 km

enlace b5c con np2 en plataforma petrolera de pemex

For this kind of environment, the team of Netpoint and Mimosa faced the challenges such as the height of the waves, salinity, humidity and heavy rain. Despite the conditions, the teams made it possible to deliver the customer’s needs. The backhaul solution is composed of NP2 Antennas and Mimosa B5c radios with 1.5 Gbps. This design is capable of supporting even the most difficult conditions of links located in the marine environment.