Netpoint NPX3 - NPX5-SHP-4FT
Catalina Island Airport

In one of the most beautiful destinations and islands in the United States, AVX Networks has focused on providing greater connectivity to the unserved and underserved residents of California and beyond. On Catalina Island, a place like few others is neglected by large operators, which has caused a digital lag in connectivity. AVX Networks, in the fight to bridge the digital divide, decided to create a point-to-point link with the 4-foot NetPoint antennas (NPX5-SHP-4FT) with the goal of providing a better connection for the operations of the KAVX Catalina Airport in the north of the Avalon District.

Undoubtedly, NetPoint's high-performance antennas have been able to provide great stability and an excellent ROI, since the wireless link has maintained excellent performance with signal levels of -51 dBm of RSSI, which allows us to work with high stability and to be able to respond with good capacity in a maritime environment. The high compatibility with different radio units and the operating frequency allow for scalability, without a doubt, says Lance Ware, CEO of AVX Networks, which has allowed it to be competitive where
other solutions have failed.

NetPoint catalina Island
NetPoint Catalina Airport

The placement of the antenna was carried out in front of the aerodrome's operations tower, although Catalina Island was developed as a tourist site around the world. AVX Networks has managed to provide a stable connection as well as reliable, low-latency internet. Sending a 5 GHz capacity of 300 Mbps with a 48.07 km (29.87 mi) link between Catalina Island and Huntington Beach in Orange County.