Case Study: NPX2 from La Ceiba to Roatan with Mimosa B5C

100% link viability with NPX2 shielded antennas

From La Ceiba to Roatan

A project with a high density of users to be covered by a local ISP and realize a hybrid link in combination of RF and Fiber Optics with Netpoint® and Mimosa Networks.

Mobirise NPX2 en Roatan honduras - Networks Honduras

"We thought for a moment that this link would not be possible, but we were impressed".

Jimmy Cooper, Ceiba Wireless

Netpoint - Mimosa sobre el mar

"Land in sight".

As it is well known, to realise a link at sea level or on the coast is for many a complicated task since the main problem is to design a good radio link.

Enlace b5c y NetPoint NPX2 de 63 km

Results obtained from the NPX2 link (NPX5-HP-3FT) with Mimosa B5C radio.

More than just backhaul, a way to bridge the digital divide in Honduras with NetPoint and Mimosa Networks

One of the highlights of this link is that in our model we have height to be able to make our link but something we realised that could affect it was the passage of boats in the area because when going to a tourist destination we identified that due to tidal surges our fresnel line could be affected but we have had stability.

Trafico estable de enlace Netpoint y B5C

Traffic test of the link