NPTR5-SHP-4FT Antenna

NetPoint's NPTR5-SDP high-performance parabolic antenna is designed to work with very high performance in both licensed and unlicensed bands with excellent gain. The NPTR5-SDP model has dual polarization and an N-female connector, as well as exceptional VSRW performance in the 4.9 to 6.4 GHz operating band. The antenna comes with galvanized materials and alloys, has an integrated radome for high wind protection, a stiff arm, and reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. This parabolic antenna has a size of 4ft and can be used for PTP backhaul or in maritime environments.


Why NPTR5 Marine Evironment?

NPTR5 antenna models are designed to the highest level of quality and reliability, ensuring that your critical communication needs are met even in the harshest and most remote environments. Whether you're working offshore or in a remote oil field, you need reliable communication to keep operations running smoothly and safely. NPTR5-DP is a range of antennas designed by NetPoint to withstand challenges from extreme temperatures, marine environments, and rugged terrain.

NetPoint NPTR5-SDP-4FT highlights

High wind survival
High viability in snow or frost
Feedhorn's high sealing against dust and water
Product designer based in MEX

Feed horn NetPoint

A well-sealed feed horn is essential to ensuring the optimum performance, signal quality, and durability of antenna systems in telecommunications and broadcast applications. By protecting against the ingress of moisture, dust, and other external interference, system efficiency, reliability, and service life are improved.


A feature of NetPoint's feed horn or dipole is the strict manufacturing process with 100% aluminum purity in order to channel the electrical power of the radio as well as provide constant frequency stability and VSRW.

- Low weight
- Corrosion resistance
- High light and heat reflectivity
- Hermetic sealing
- Excellent insulation between ports
- Ensure electrical conductivity



Stainless steel fasteners and Adjustment

One of the features of our antennas is the fine adjustment in the vertical azimuth and the finer adjustment in the tensor to be able to make precise ±15° elevations with a twist when aligning and hitting the center of the main lobes.

In the components that make up the hardware of NetPoint antennas, we incorporate stainless steel treatments to provide a longer lifetime of the equipment and a robust and reliable installation.

Antenas NPTR2
NetPoint NPTR5

Don't worry about the color of the antenna; the US versions will be white.

Radome and jumpers, including NetPoint antenna NPTR5

We want every NPTR5 project to be able to withstand high winds, rain, snow, and adverse weather conditions. That's why NPTR5 models receive a radome and a pair of jumpers to help you make a faster installation and extend the lifetime of your installation.

Jumper NP142 N - SMA

Superflex Jumper NetPoint N - SMA (NP142)

Superflex Jumper Netpoint NP142 SMA, is a 30 cm copper coaxial cable with 96% silver plated double mesh shielding, Teflon TFE insulation with SMA male 0.1 dBi loss, ideal for Ubiquiti radios, Mimosa Networks, Cambium Networks this is the cable that you will receive in your antennas. A flexible jumper ready to use up to 8 GHz.

• 50 Ohms Impedance

• Consistent V.S.W.R. performance and Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) results in fewer dropped calls and a better performing network

•UV resistant