59mi link and 1 Gb throughput

Factors that make this link unique

  • EHigh traffic consumption for a single service: It is of course possible to imagine the magnitude of such a large company for high data consumption.
  • The type of infrastructure to be set up: IoT, CCTV, remote machine management, real-time data storage and others. 
  • Interference: Yes, there will always be big challenges, but reaching the levels of noise that exist here is a challenge.
  • The use of noise shields: Anti-noise armours are the ideal tool to stop listening to the surrounding antennas however they do not clean the links, but you can highlight the concentration of the antenna shot width.
  • The 45° slant: Definitely sending the waves in an unusual way supports a better reception and a more stable link without encountering other waves on their way.
Espectro saturado a 95 km

Radiography of the spectrum in the area to be bonded

The use of NetPoint antenna anti-noise armours

To mitigate these levels they decided to proceed with the installation of the ARNP3 to mitigate the interference since in both points of the installation as well as in other surrounding areas there was a large presence of antennas from external providers to the ones they have, which is why they sought to make an even more directive antenna. Another of the factors that make us have better results are the alignment as in these links it becomes more complicated to find the signal as some radios do not have instantaneous synchrony or as you can say have latency of milliseconds to hook up so we used as recommended by the installer the Ubiquiti Rocket M5 radio to perform this type of targeting and find the central lobe of the NPTR3 antenna. 

Used positions of the Slant on the NPTR3 antenna

Armadura para antenas Ubiquiti

NetPoint NP3 armouring now NPTR3

After changing the polarisation to 45 degrees, we obtained the following improvements:

-Best modulation with 2 40 Mhz channels
- Stable speeds up to 379 Mbps
- Best PHY Tx/Rx stability (Mbps): up to 720/720
- Throughput up to 320 Mbps
- Higher dBm gain
- Positive SNR levels 

Conclusions: The selected equipment is of high quality as well as offering the full dBi so we will continue to use NetPoint as the main passive equipment for BackHaul.