Case study

NPPROS36 and B5X Backhaul link


About the backhaul link

Equipment used and

Netpoint ® NPPROS36 (NPPRO5-S-HP-4FT) 36 dBi Antenna
Mimosa Networks B5X Radio
CAT 6 Ext 1GB Cable (Important)
STZ45 Tower
S-BLUE-G Stabiliser Arm

Results of the combination NPPROS36 and Mimosa B5X

In the community of San Miguel Cuyutlán in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga the company Tradosa decided to make a link at a distance of 43.2 km with the mimosa B5X radio and the NPPROS36 antenna (NPPRO5-S-HP-4FT) the characteristics of this link, made it complicated to have RF interference in some cases up to minus 50, it was decided to use an antenna with a beamwidth of 2. 6°to optimise the shot and avoid the least possible loss due to interference that occurred at the site, to make a backhaul backup that had the ability to deliver 929/922 Mbps in 2 channel widths of 80 MHz and power allowed 24 dBm in combination of both chains of the radio B5X Mimosa Networks