NPPROS27 Antenna, Low Cost - High Benefit


Backhaul link with Mimosa Networks NPPRO antennas and B5X Radio with high noise a cost effective solution for quick installation in Honduras.

Netpoint NPPROS con Mimosa B5X

Rapid deployment of 15 km for 1800 clients

In Honduras, the company Wianet Solutions, decided to back up its fibre optic deployments due to the growth of new coverage and to provide a backup service for any eventuality.

About the backhaul link

Equipment used and

27 dBi NetPoint NPPROS Antenna (NPTR5-DPS-4FT)
Mimosa Networks B5X Radio
CAT 6 Ext 1GB Cable

B5X Radio Results with NPPROS Antenna

Enlace B5x con antena NPPRO

The installation was completed in a time of 2 hours, which managed to generate a backup of all its consumption lines for its customers, as well as the versatility of the equipment and the deployment without jumper is a significant difference in a humid region as it is in Honduras, provided at a distance of 15.8 km a stable link 1043/975 Mbps in combination with NPPROS (NPPRO5-DP-1FT) and the radio Mimosa B5X.