Twinwaves in NPPRO antennas

NPPRO + Twinwaves Adapter + Airfiber 5xhd Ixtacamaxtitlán, Puebla, Mexico

NPPROS + Airfiber 5XHD con adaptador Twinwaves

Undoubtedly, one of the best features for WISPs that NePoint's NPPRO antennas have are their double functionality that can be used with connectorized radios and twist-on solutions for Mimosa radios. This allows an easy infrastructure upgrade and backup. 

Antena NPPRO + Twinwaves + Airfiber 5xhd


In Ixtacamaxtitlán, a town in Puebla, Mexico, the combination of NPPRO antenna connectorized with the Twinwaves Adapter plus Ubiquiti Airfiber 5 XHD radio was used to build a backhaul link at a distance of 10 km. Although it is known that the NPPRO antenna is compatible with the C5X radio, it was decided to make a link with a connectorized radio like Ubiquity Airfiber 5xhd to utilize its dual functionality to work with a jumper. NPPRO has a quick installation and easy maintenance of its waveguide and antenna.
In this backhaul type installation, a signal level of less -33 dBm was obtained with modulations of up to 10X, in low power, as well as the capacity of 729/358 Mbps with a capacity of 1088 megabytes. This obtained a viability of 99.6% in a channel width of 80 MHz with a noise floor of less than -90 dBm.