NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11) Antenna + Mimosa B11 Ayutla, Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico

One of the biggest challenges of a growing company is to build a backhaul at long distances in order to expand services in less time. However, 5 GHz solutions become insufficient due to the interferences. Today, TRADOSA, in its path of expansion, turned to NetPoint NPX11-HP-3FT antennas and Mimosa B11 radio to generate a 10 GHz backhaul. Taking advantage of its license to build a backhaul to the municipality of Ayutla in Jalisco to provide a highly efficient internet to support the local government’s control and monitoring center. 

Why use 11 GHz?

5 GHz fully populated

For this deployment they needed 400 Mbps, which was impossible at 5 GHz because the 3,000-meter-high exit point at Cerro Viejo is one of the busiest TELECOM points in Jalisco. The NPX11-HP-3FT antennas were a quick backhaul deployment solution. They were able to achieve their expected results with a 3ft dish and yet they are waiting for the release of the 4ft upgrade designed for microwave radios like Mimosa B11 . 



Performance of 11 GHz NPX11-HP-3FT 38 dBi antenna at 100 km distance.
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