27 Mile 11 GHz PTP with NetPoint NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11)

In the city of Oaxaca, a 44 km link operating at 11 GHz frequency was established using Mimosa B11 equipment paired with NetPoint NP11 devices. Engineer Mario Hernandez, a user of Mimosa, deployed this setup in an area with high cloud cover and rainfall to handle high traffic capacity for one of his nodes.

NPX11-HP-3FT - NetPoint

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The tower used for this installation also supports other equipment, making it somewhat unstable and prone to vibration. Despite these conditions, the following results were obtained:

Test Results:
Signal level: -56.5 dBm
1560 / 1560 Mbps - 936/936
Availability: 99.927%

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The link has been operational for over a month without interruptions, except for a severe rainstorm on May 16 in Oaxaca, which disrupted the radio's power supply. The high cloudiness and humidity design matched the results achieved by the equipment.

The link's performance at the time of capture was a total of 677.2 Mbps with only 0.010% packet loss, demonstrating good traffic stability despite the tower's high movement.

Alignment and Signal Level:
The alignment achieved a signal level of -55.7 dBm, resulting in throughput of 1300/1150 Mbps. Despite increasing the signal level, the capacity remained stable, with a viability of 99.927%, making the link highly reliable with minimal disconnection.

Performance Metrics:
The NetPoint NP11 link achieved 1189 Mbps, confirming the effectiveness of the equipment, with consistently low packet latency, peaking at 15.237 ms between points A and B.

The link reached nearly 100% radio efficiency with MCS indices between 8 and 9. Further improvements can be achieved by stabilizing the infrastructure and achieving more precise alignment to maximize performance. The test concluded successfully, with the user endorsing the NetPoint equipment.