A flexible solution for using mimosa Twist-on radios and antennas with jumpers.



Adapters models

NetPoint developed two twin adapters that can be used depending on the installation case with the Mimosa Twist-on ecosystems.


This adapter fits directly into the Mimosa C5X, B5X, and C6X radios, so it will be flexible for use with connectorized antennas.


If you have a twist-on antenna like the NetPoint models NPPROS, NPPROS32, NPPROS36, or Mimosa N5-X25, N5-X20, or N5-X16, you can make a connectorized antenna.

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Product Features

Build and improve high-efficiency links with high-performance 6 GHz band parabolic antennas.

 - Low VSWR and high port isolation across the entire
- 4.9 - 6.4 GHz band
- Simplifies installation on site
- Compatible with Mimosa´s B5X, C6X, C5X and B6X

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