NPTR5-DPS-4FT + B5C Antioquia, Colombia

The company Enlaces Inalámbricos Digitales de Colombia breaks the Fresnel myth

Backhaul of 63.8 km is a challenge for more than 1000 users

The older version of the NPTR5-DPS-4FT (formerly NP3) fighting the Fresnel of the sea.

Mimosa B5C con NetPoint en Colombia

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The backhaul in the town of Necocli in Antioquia, Colombia has been a challenge ever since. Like many areas of Colombia, there is a lack of high-capacity and quality internet. This is why the company Enlaces Inalámbricos Digitales planned to build a trunk network with more than 6 points distribution channel to improve its services throughout Colombia.

The installation in the most critical points used the combination of NetPoint antennas with gains ranging from 34 dBi and 37 dBi and powerful Mimosa B5C radio, Mimo 4x4. The company tested between the combinations of another brand to generate one more replacement. However, with higher gain ranges, the links obtained a good signal but with high network instability.

During the time Enlaces is conducting their studies, they have upgraded their physical infrastructure (towers) and installed robust equipment. They have envisioned the future growth of their company and network. This projection is secured with the use of NPTR5-DPS-4FT and B5C.         

Enlace Nicocli, NetPoint - Mimosa

Enlaces Inalambricos Digitales SAS, NetPoint - Syscom

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NetPoint Antennas, Colombia Digital wireless links Colombia, internet

The arduous work and responsibility of the businesswoman Ana Milena Velandia in providing a highly efficient and stable solution relied on the 37 dBi NetPoint antennas that will connect half of Colombia to a backbone network that even the large carriers need. 

NetPoint Antenas, Colombia
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