Case Study
111 km link with NPX3

A client in the Amazon area of Peru planned to improve its backhaul at a distance of 11 km with the capacity to transmit data of up to 1 GB. Although the client mentioned that there is not much interference, we still verified the viability of the link since some results indicated the null connection of the equipment, as shown in the image below. 

estudio NPX3 de enlace 112 km

As part of the installation process, 2 towers were installed. The first at 12 meters, offset by the height of point A in relation to point B, where 20 meters more were added, leaving the tower at 60 meters high. At the time of initial hooking up, the technician used the Rocket M5 radios to locate the main lobe of both antennas. He obtained a signal of -80 due to the lack of alignment. 

torre netpoint
Netpoint en peru

After the antennas were installed at both points, they were successfully hooked and obtained very good signals. However, it was detected that there was a compromised fresnel line that was going to be improved to have a better transmission capacity than what AirFiber 5XHD radios provide.

Enlace de 111 km Antenas NetPoint