NetPoint´s NP3-DP-4FT and Cambium Networks

Backhaul at 3 GHz with NetPoint

NetPoint and Cambium Networks at 3 GHz

In the city of Villahermosa, a link was made with NetPoint NP3-DP-4FT antennas of 64 miles at 3 GHz in combination with Cambium Networks PTP-450IC-3G radio units, with which signal levels of -53 dBm and excellent modulation of almost 100% of its capacity were achieved. One of the advantages was the high precision of the antenna installation as well as the good results obtained thanks to the low loss jumpers.

Netpoint - Cambium Networks
NetPoint Cambium Networks 3 Ghz
NetPoint Cambium Networks 3 Ghz NP3-DP-4FT