Cases studies/ 5 - 6 GHz NetPoint

Solutions in
5 and 6 GHz 

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Carrier Solutions


NetPoint antennas are paried with radios:

Cambium Netwrorks, Mimosa Networks, Ubiquiti, Radwin, Telrad, Ligowave 

Closing the digital divide in San Diego, California with NPX.

Closing the digital divide is important everywhere, but having a strong backhaul for a metropolis like San Diego is a daunting task.


Excellent signal level and high stability without utilizing its full capacity.

Force 4600c
and NP6-DP-3FT at 26 miles

Alignment, Excellent configuration of radios as well as the good study of the links.

Casos de éxito/ 10 y 11 GHz con NetPoint

Licensed Bands

A solution in licensed bands may be less important nowadays. However, it is one of the best options for those who have spectrum licenses in higher bands that need to scale up by using more robust equipment.

Private Sector

3 & 4 GHz
6 & 7 GHz
10 & 11 GHz

NPX11-HP-3FT + Mimosa B11

NetPoint NP11 and Mimosa B11 in wet areas without degradation.

High capacity fixed wireless in 11 GHz

44 km backhaul from Guadalajara to Tequila 

High capacity urban links

A backhaul solution in high interferences - NPX11-HP-3FT and Mimosa B11 radio; Guadalajara of 27 km "goodbye 5 GHz".


NetPoint is now a member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association in the United States.


NetPoint is a member of the Asociación Nacional de Proveedores de Internet Inalámbrico A.C. (National Association of Wireless Internet Providers).


Learn more about the advantages of the NetPoint antenna thanks to its CENAM certification.