Parabolic Antenna Super High Performance NPX5-SHP-6FT

Antennas for backhaul in urban or rural areas with high interference.

NPX5-SHP-6FT Antenna

NetPoint's NPX5-SHP-6ft Super High Performance series offers Super High Performance parabolic antennas designed to provide radiation pattern performance at 4.9 to 6.4 GHz with exceptional front-to-back ratio, excellent gain in dual polarization, and excellent VSRW performance. NPX5-SHP dishes include high-performance radomes. A feature of these models is that they include a stiff arm between a cost-benefit balance and a reliable backhaul link.


NetPoint NPX5-SHP-6FT highlights

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range

 The NPX5-SHP-6FT operates within the 5 GHz (4.9-6.4 GHz) frequency range, minimizing interference from other devices and ensuring optimal performance.

Antenna Gain

Boasting a high gain of up to 40 dBi, the NPX5-SHP optimizes signal reception and transmission for an extended range and improved RSSI.

Dual - Polarized

With dual linear polarization, the NPX5 enhances signal reliability, reducing the likelihood of signal degradation due to polarization mismatch.

Connector Type

 The antenna features a robust N-type female connector, ensuring secure and stable connections to your WISP equipment.

Mounting Options

The NPX5-SHP offers versatile mounting options, allowing for easy installation on poles or walls, adapting to the specific requirements of your network setup.

NPX5-HP-6FT Beamwidht

Netpoint's NPX5-SHP-6FT is a highly directional antenna that has a 1.8° beamwidth for more stable and reliable communication.

Stiff arm, lightweight 

Each of your NetPoint deployments must be fast, so your antenna will arrive pre-assembled and with a stiff arm for stability, and your antenna will be lightweight.

High compatibility

Netpoint NPX5-SHP-6FT is an antenna compatible with radio units: Mimosa Networks, Ubiquiti, Cambium Networks, Radwin, Telrad and others.

Ready to install

Mounting and millimetric adjustment of NPX5-HP parabolic antennas

We upgraded some of our components to improve stability and maximize the performance of our NPX5-HP antennas, and we can now integrate a stiff arm. A lighter fine-tuning, stainless steel hardware, and a thinner lifting turnbuckle were added as our armature became even lighter.