Parabolic Antenna High Performance NPX5-HP-3FT

Antennas for backhaul in urban or rural areas with high interference.

NPX5-HP-3FT Antenna

NetPoint's NPX5-HP high-performance parabolic antenna is designed to work with very high performance in both licensed and unlicensed bands with excellent gain. The NPX5-HP-3FT model has dual polarization, 34 dBi gain and a N-female connector, as well as exceptional VSRW performance in the 4.9 to 6.4 GHz operating band. The antenna is pre-assembled and ready to install, as is an integrated radome for high performance and reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. This dish is 3 ft. in size and can be used for PTP backhaul, CPE, and public safety applications.


NetPoint NPX5-HP-3FT highlights

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range

 The NPX5 operates within the 5 GHz (4.9-6.4 GHz) frequency range, minimizing interference from other devices and ensuring optimal performance.

Antenna Gain

Boasting a high gain of up to 34 dBi, the NPX5 optimizes signal reception and transmission for an extended range and improved RSSI.

Dual - Polarized

With dual linear polarization, the NPX5 enhances signal reliability, reducing the likelihood of signal degradation due to polarization mismatch.

Connector Type

 The antenna features a robust N-type female connector, ensuring secure and stable connections to your WISP equipment.

Mounting Options

The NPX5-HP offers versatile mounting options, allowing for easy installation on poles or walls, adapting to the specific requirements of your network setup.

NPX5-HP-3FT Beamwidht

Netpoint's NPX5-HP-3FT is a highly directional antenna that has a 4° beamwidth for more stable and reliable communication.

Stiff arm, lightweight and Pre-assembled

Each of your NetPoint deployments must be fast, so your antenna will arrive pre-assembled and with a stiff arm for stability, and your antenna will be lightweight. 

High compatibility

Netpoint NPX5-HP-3FT is an antenna compatible with radio units: Mimosa Networks, Ubiquiti, Cambium Networks, Radwin, Telrad and others.

Ready to install

Mounting and millimetric adjustment of NPX5-HP parabolic antennas

We upgraded some of our components to improve stability and maximize the performance of our NPX5-HP antennas, and we can now integrate a stiff arm. A lighter fine-tuning, stainless steel hardware, and a thinner lifting turnbuckle were added as our armature became even lighter.

New improvements / Electrical specification

Deeper Design

We redesigned and slightly increased the depth of our NPX antennas to add gain and enhance energy by optimizing the VSRW and closing the secondary lobes to grant a greater beam width, thus there is more efficiency in the central lobe. 

Technical Data

The best antennas are distinguished by their mechanical - electrical functions. They facilitate the technicians working at height and in compliance with the international maintenance standards. NPX5 upgrades were based on the recommendations of our clients who are looking forward to improving our products.

NPX5 antennas are the ideal for critical Point-to-Point backhaul solutions.

We made our beam width more efficient

To enhance the beam width, we granted a greater firing efficiency to further optimize the front to back. This established a more stable communication in the backhaul links in the extended band from 4.9 to 6.4 GHz.


Radiation pattern optimization to hit the center lobe of
NPX5-HP-3FT antennas

A stable gain over the entire band, NPX5-HP-3FT antenna gain graph in dBi.

Jumper NP142 N - SMA

Superflex Jumper NetPoint N - SMA (NP142)

Superflex Jumper Netpoint NP142 SMA, is a 30 cm copper coaxial cable with 96% silver plated double mesh shielding, Teflon TFE insulation with SMA male 0.1 dBi loss, ideal for Ubiquiti radios, Mimosa Networks, Cambium Networks this is the cable that you will receive in your antennas. A flexible jumper ready to use up to 8 GHz.

• 50 Ohms Impedance

• Consistent V.S.W.R. performance and Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) results in fewer dropped calls and a better performing network

•UV resistant