Force 4600c and NP1GEN2 

Force 4600c y NetPoint NP1

One of the biggest challenges for wireless service providers is undoubtedly the saturation in the 5.1 to 5.9 GHz spectrum for backhaul links. The technology of the Force 4600c radio and the NP1GEN2 extended range antenna that goes from 4.9 to 6.4 allows establishing acceptable signal levels where the last parts of the band can be used. However in Chiapas, while waiting for the NP6 antenna, an engineer decided to use the NP1 antenna in frequency 6615 with characteristics that allow stability and high stable modulation as he achieved here we explain how.

NetPoint and Cambium Networks implementation

Force 4600c and NP1GEN2 modulation


One of the points to highlight in order to obtain a good capacity in spite of a mismatch process that we do not recommend (using an antenna in an unsupported operating frequency with stability) is to obtain good alignment values and correct power such as 25 dBm.



Good signal intensity



Reliable link

Enlace FORCE4600c con Antena NetPoint NP1GEN2 backhaul

Regarding the points to highlight in order to have a better capacity, it is necessary that this link is replaced by an antenna that can support the 6.4 GHz range onwards to take full advantage of the performance up to 2 GB in aggregate, however, the radio can be used to provide a better service to the end user and establish a backhaul without interference, a point to highlight is the use of a single chain at 160 MHz.