Force 300 and NP5-DP-3FT non-line of sight

En proyectos sumamente complicados de vez en cuando, ocurren más que milagros diseños de RF que pueden superar las esxpectativas en Backhaul PTP.

Netpoint antennas
NetPoint NP2 - Force 300 CSM

Complete line of sight obstruction

In the city of Bogotá in Colombia, the company WIFAO, a specialist in selling dedicated links for mass event clients, had a 6-kilometer challenge where the line of sight presented obstructions on a dead-end road.


Resultados alcanzados NetPoint NP2 con Force 300

NetPoint NP2GEN2 and Force 300 Results

Remarkably, they managed to connect with signal levels of -63 dBm as their minimum, and despite having vegetation, they managed to send 230 Mbps through NetPoint and Cambium Networks, a highly reliable solution.

NetPoint - Cambium Networks

Stability and Reliability

We all know it is no secret that Cambium Networks offers high confidence in each of its equipment, but this confidence can be boosted with the integration of NetPoint antennas in each of the PTP deployments.