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Posted by David Alvarez

November 2nd, 2023

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NetPoint Antennas and Even Flow Distribution Announce Partnership for South African Market

In an exciting development, Netpoint Antennas has entered into a new distribution agreement with Even Flow Distribution, aiming to bring cutting-edge NetPoint antennas to South Africa. This partnership promises to revolutionize the wireless technology landscape in the region.

NetPoint antennas have gained a reputation for their high-quality design and performance. These antennas are engineered to provide robust and reliable connectivity, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from enterprise networks to service providers. The South African market is set to benefit significantly from this partnership.

6 Ghz and what to Expect from the Partnership

The 6 GHz band is highly sought after for its ability to offer wider bandwidths, less interference, and better performance. This frequency range is especially critical for applications like video streaming, online gaming, and high-capacity data transfer. By incorporating NetPoint antennas into their networks, South African users can experience faster and more stable connections.

What to Expect from the Partnership

The NetPoint and Even Flow Distribution partnership signals a bright future for South African businesses and consumers. They can anticipate:

Enhanced Connectivity: NetPoint antennas will provide a significant boost in connectivity, allowing users to enjoy seamless online experiences.
Reliability: NetPoint antennas are renowned for their reliability, making them a trusted choice for South African network providers.
Improved Performance: The 6 GHz band and compatibility with leading networks will lead to improved performance and user satisfaction.
Greater Access: Even Flow Distribution's reach will make NetPoint antennas more accessible, ensuring that users across South Africa can benefit from this advanced technology.


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