Yucatan Connected with NetPoint and Mimosa

Yucatan Peninsula NetPoint Mimosa Networks

A unique high capacity backhaul with zero latency and high availability in Yucatan

The landscape of the Yucatan is almost flat. The state is part of the Yucatan Peninsula Province. Most of the territory consists of a plain which, although it does not face any challenges such as mountains, it has created an artificial height and tower infrastructure like few other places in Mexico.

Moisture, if you can't fight the enemy, join the enemy. 

It is not a secret of the big brands that when there are no obstacles our backhaul links can work with good performance but in flat terrain the challenge is to build stable infrastructure such as the one that IRVINGEF NETWORKS built for a backbone network of more than 150 km in several hops.

Since deployments in an area where 76% to 84% humidity is prevalent make maintenance difficult and prioritise building the highest quality, long-lasting networks, this is where IP67 cut-off equipment comes into its own as most links are aligned with the best values to avoid degradation due to loss of free space.

Telecom instalation in yucatan
NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) Netpoint
A goal to use shielded equipment

Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of using shielding on antennas is the protection for high humidity environments and the potential front to back ratio of the antennas. 

NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) in Yucatan Netpoint
Robust infrastructure

Undoubtedly, a company that makes a conscientious study and a correct planning identifies its best results in order to make maintenance more efficient. 

Mimosa Networks Yucatan with NetPoint Antennas
A hurricane zone 

In a hurricane zone where the climate is humid all year round and degradation can be expected, one of the best solar back-up techniques to provide self-sufficiency thanks to low power consumption is the Mimosa radios.

Antenna Model NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) Netpoint

One of the equipment used for this deployment was the NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) high performance parabolic antenna to optimice and take advantage of the robustness of the installation, a tip transmitted by this company is to stabilize your antenna with a stiff arm..

NetPoint antennas in Yucatan

NetPoint and Mimosa results within 150 km

NetPoint and Mimosa results at 150 km in 4 deployments for 1 single service.

By choosing NetPoint's NPX2 (NPX5-HP-3FT), NPX1 (NPX5-HP-2FT) in combination with the MR Mimosa C5C, this combination will undoubtedly result in a high performance with very low latency in spite of the climatic conditions.


Irvingef Networks a reliable company

Undoubtedly one of the best integrators of wireless solutions in the Yucatan region is the company Irvingef Network for broadband solutions in Yucatan "We will continue to use NetPoint and Mimosa in each of our deployments and further optimise our bakchaul, we look forward to the new equipment that NetPoint".

Thank you for your confidence