Make great Backhaul Again

Cerro del 4 NetPoint

27 km 11 GHz backhaul link in Guadalajara, Mexico

Equipment used NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11) and B11

One of the main problems that exist in urban cities like Guadalajara is called RF interference. This is caused by the backhaul and the high levels of EIRP that we can find in the transit areas of our links. This is why the Mimosa Networks B11 radio solution supports PTP applications in the licensed 10 and 11 GHz bands, but we cannot deploy it without a good capacity antenna like Netpoint NPX11-HP-3FT antenna that supported this local deployment. 

Cerro del 4, Guadalajara
Main point of Telecom de Occidente

High demand for backhaul upgrade with NPX11-HP-3FT (NP11) and B11

TRADOSA is one of the companies with the largest deployments of PTP technology in the western region of Mexico.That is why they chose to build a 27 km backhaul link to transport a complete 1.2 Gb through NPX11-HP-3FT transmission line. This resulted in rates of MAC expectation of 9 with Mimosa B11 and Netpoint's 38 dB NPX11-HP-3FT and its shield. Incredible performance at low cost allowed TRADOSA to continue delivering its promise to consumers of offering affordable services. One of the most outstanding features of this link was that, despite the rains, it remained stable and maintained a transmission speed of 500 mbps. 

Enlace con antena NP11 y B11 de 1 GB

Link with NPX11-HP-3FT and B11 1 GB antenna

Without a doubt, it is a very good combination to carry out updates when an operating license was obtained in 11 GHz.