NetPoint´s NPX5-SHP-4FT at 6 GHz with Force 4600c

A deployment for remote sites where fiber is not possible. In a bid to maximize ROI with NetPoint and Cambium Networks antennas,

1 GB one Shot!

In the northern region of Nayarit, Mexico, Wisp Connecting faced the challenge of providing dedicated internet to communities where the major internet providers in Mexico did not offer coverage. This area of the state is characterized by a unique geography with high mountains, large bodies of water, and a lack of roads to build infrastructure from the capital. An initial solution was to establish a point-to-point link using NetPoint equipment. A line-of-sight study confirmed the feasibility, but one of the main issues was the 112.6 km (69.6 miles) distance, making a single shot unviable due to three critical factors:

  • High availability of the link
  • A good RSSI level
  • A hybrid network infrastructure
Netpoint NPTR3 with force 4600c up to 100 km

Long link 69.6 miles with NetPoint NP6 & Cambium Force 4600c

The  NetPoint's deployment

For the deployment, the NPX5-SHP-4FT (NPX3GEN3) antenna was used in conjunction with Cambium Networks Force 4600c radios. The resulting link achieved 1.4 GB in a single shot with a frequency of 6420 MHz and a solid signal level of -53 dBm in RSSI.

This improvement enhanced hybrid network communications by continuing the last-mile delivery with fiber optic services, significantly increasing the return on investment. Additionally, Wisp Connecting benefited from a project time advance of over four months by implementing a single wireless link, which is now being projected to a second link. Upon completing the total coverage deployment, more than 20 communities, ranging from native villages to cities bordering Sinaloa, will be connected.