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Municipal Communication and
Monitoring Centre C2

The municipality of San Jose Del Cabo was supported by the integrator, Eagle video, who proposed a series of Hikvision IP cameras, with Netpoint links and Mimosa equipment which provide power and intelligence to increase the performance value of the surveillance system in a wide range of security and management applications.  

Its CEO Ing. Juan Estrella mentions that for this project it was necessary a planning of 6 months in which the best brands were sought to make the back haul link to link the cameras of the monitoring centre of San Jose del Cabo where more than 250 points were installed strategically in remote sites with A5X mimosa radios, C5C subscribers with NP1 antennas which besides being able to provide good performance provide 100% stability in the links as referred by the Engineer Estrella another feature that we can highlight is that they allow to obtain Ultra Hd quality thanks to the cameras installed as well as there are a number of links around that the use of frequencies 4. 9 GHz works in a stable way.

A good study ensures success

As San Jose del Cabo is a tourist city, it faces several problems that have repercussions on a social level, as there were different areas of the city that were impassable and others with crime hotspots, so it was decided to use a unique way to maintain the links and keep the urban furniture in good condition. Undoubtedly the option of making a wireless link saved all the hassle of opening up streets to install kilometres of cabling. It also took into account the noise levels that existed in the area by using a licensed band. 

Netpoint con CCTV

NP1 in CCTV 

Being installed in a coastal city, precautions were taken to use windbreak radomes to help cut the resistance to possible hurricane strikes in this coastal area and additionally to provide protection to the feed or dipole from the degradation of free space such as sea breezes or animals that may consider making Netpoint their home!


Installation of antenna furniture

Enlace de CCTV con Netpoint

View of the city

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