NetPoint FAQ'S

Why use NetPoint on your links for your WISP?

NetPoint has many differentiators with which it will be your best choice for your backhaul.


The antennas for WISP NetPoint can give you great stability thanks to their design that can optimize the use of your infrastructure in your point-to-point links (PTP) or multipoint links (PTMP). This helps generate long or short distance links capable of large data traffic without loss.


The confidence that NetPoint provides is thanks to its excellent quality materials with which they were built, as well as that you will be able to enjoy the guarantee policy that it offers for manufacturing defects, as well as make a smart investment.


NetPoint provides the ability and versatility to work with the most renowned brands in the WISP industry such as: Mimosa Networks, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Cambium Networks, Radwin, LigoWave.


Placing the Slant at 45 degrees is very simple we invite you to watch this video:

Yes, each Netpoint antenna comes with a couple of coppery pigtails.

50 cm | 1.64 ft to avoid the slightest loss.

NetPoint antennas are very versatile work with excellent performance with mimosa, Cambium Networks, Ubiquiti and Mikrotik radio brands.

The tower can be a Z30 or 35 but you need to know how many link you will put in your tower next to NetPoint. 

They are guaranteed for life and in writing against any manufacturing defects.

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Netpoint | Antenas para WISP