"Fight noise with a shielded antenna for your WISP"

Compatible with radios:

Mimosa Networks | NetPoint
Ubiquiti | NetPoint
Mikrotik | NetPoint
Cambium Networks | NetPoint
LigoWave | Netpoint
Radwin | Netpoint
Antena NPX

NPX a noise-shielded antenna

The NetPoint NPX model is a shielded antenna to stop listening to the homologous antennas that you may have around your nodes, something very important is to consider using the 6 GHz frequencies that are available from 6000 to 6400 Ghz. Compatible with connectorised radios.

NPX1 Antenna

An antenna designed for PTP links with a range of up to 18.62mi, ideal for sending large data traffic.

Technical specifications

NPX2 Antenna

An ideal medium distance link for WISP growth of up to 43.49mi on your PTP trunk links.

Technical specifications

NPX3 Antenna

An antenna designed for PTP links with a range of up to 62.13mi, a single backbone link, ideal for sending large data traffic like no other.
Technical specifications

Millimetric adjustment
NPX Antenna

The NPX antenna is a unique antenna because its robust mounting prevents our antenna from being misaligned with the strong gusts of wind that we can find in our towers additionally its angle plate helps us to generate a millimetric alignment for the most sensitive radios and pass the highest capacity of megabits in point to point links.

Ajuste Milimetrico NPX

How does the millimetric adjustment of the NPX antenna work?

Learn how the NetPoint NPX antenna alignment works, ideal for working in noisy environments and generating a unique alignment with your radios such as Mimosa Networks, Ubiquiti, Cambium Networks and others.

Millimetric Adjustment

Ideal for long distances

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