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Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Mexico. We bring Mexican technology of the highest quality and efficiency to the world.

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Advantages of working with NetPoint Antennas

antena para enlaces co rango de frecuencia de 4.9 a 6.2 ghz
The widest frequency range in the market

The NetPoint Data Link Antennas support frequencies between 4.9 a 6.2 GHz. Feel free to use any frequency you like using the same antenna with the same gain.

antenas para enlaces compatibles
The best connectivity

The N-Female connector enables compatibility with any kind of radio; Obiquity, Cambium Networks, Mimosa & more. Acquire an universal solution in telecom.

antenas para enlaces con montaje resistente
Heavy duty assembly

NetPoint Antennas feature a rigid, resistant and long-lasting assembly. They include an extra set of hooks to facilitate installation in towers.

antena para enlaces con polarización a 45 grados
45° polarization

With NetPoint Antennas you have the option of using the 45° polarization to reduce noise levels and boost the efficiency of your data links in contaminated environments.

fabricante de antenas para enlaces

NetPoint is backed up by Antenas de Jalisco, a company with 45 years of experience manufacturing and distributing telecom equipment in Mexico and Central America.

antenas para enlaces garantía de por vida
Lifetime warranty

All NetPoint Antennas are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects. We are producers so we can supply any spare parts that you may need.

Antenas calibradas por CENAM
Netpoint Antennas, your best optionStart installing more efficient data links today

Give your data links a performance boost today. All our products are calibrated and certified by the National Metrology Center (CENAM).

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Lifetime warranty in writing

When you buy any of our antennas, you get in writing a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. All productions faults are covered. We have the highest quality standards and we are the only company offering this benefit.

And since we are manufacturers, we can easily provide spare parts or add-ons for your antennas.

Testimonials from our clients

testimonios antenas netpoint

“Thus far we have had good experiences with the antennas and we’ve received good reviews from our clients. They have stated that they work according to the specifications and that they haven’t had any problem.”

Ing. Abelardo Agassini Anzaldua - WNI Sales Director
testimonios antenas netpoint

“We took part in testings and we could make some suggestions to improve the design and performance of the 60 and 90cm diameter solid plate antennas. As an installer company, this is for us a guarantee of their high quality and performance. We greatly recommend Antenas de Jalisco for radio frequency projects and their excellent products.”

Carlos E. Figueroa Meza - CEO at BFTEL S.A. de C.V.
testimonios solinred antenas

“As a telecom company, we are glad to have found a local supplier of high-end antennas at competitive prices. He have previously worked with their antennas for VHF, UHF and KU bands. We fully recommend their antennas for microwave links, as we have gotten great results with their implementation and our clients are fully satisfied with their performance.”

Ing. Isaac Ramírez Jacques - SolinRed Projects. Solutions, integration and telecommunication networks.

A trademark of Antenas de Jalisco

Antenas de Jalisco is a manufacturer of antennas with 45 years in the market, supplier for the telecommunications industry in Mexico and Central America. It has recently ventured in manufacturing Point-to-point data link antennas, positioning NetPoint as a premium brand in the microwave antenna segment.

All the experience in fabrication and technology is reflected in the quality of NetPoint products.

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10 reasons to use NetPoint antennas in your data-links

Excellent quality

The quality of NetPoint antennas guarantees that you data-link will work steadily and efficiently.


The cost-benefit acquired makes your data-links more profitable.

Lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty in writing that comes with a NetPoint antenna will insure your investment.

Product customization

Product customization lets us increase wind resistance, salt resistance (through galvanization) or even the length of the cable to fit your needs. “Tailor-made antennas”

Delivery time

The best delivery time. We have stock to offer immediate delivery, letting you install your data-link in record time. In case you require big quantities we can produce in short time. Bypass import expenses, taxes and other hassles. Buy Made in Mexico.

Personalized service and technical assistance

Personalized service from the moment of purchase, including installation and post-sale service. You’ll always have someone to go to. Also, we have a team of engineers throughout the country to help you and give you technical assistance, so you can get the most out of our products.

Durability & resistance

Superior durability and resistance, you get long-lasting benefits for your investment.


Integration: we can include installation, electric equipment cables and other needed attachments in your projects. A technical team across the country supports us.

Spare parts

Since we are manufacturers we can provide you with any spare part that you may need: screws, parts, cables and any attachment. You don’t have to change the whole antenna, just replace parts.

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All our products are calibrated and certified by the National Metrology Center (CENAM). antenas-cenam    

Prices are in Mexican Peso (MXN) + taxes (IVA). Products guaranteed for life. Dismiss